We Are Immigrants: Blog Series


We Are Immigrants: Blog Series

BlueTone We Are ImmigrantsHello BlueTone customers! We know the blog has been down for a while, but here’s some good news: in 2017, we’re bringing it back, and our focus will be on immigrants.
A pillar of our organization is providing high-tech, low-cost communication services to ethnic communities. We believe in ethnic communities and immigrant communities and the great value that they provide. In fact, BlueTone itself was founded by a Romanian immigrant, Daniel Popa, and many of our employees are ethnic.

In addition to providing you international calling services, we also want to show you why we hold immigrants at such a high standard of respect. It’s because of this belief in the inherent goodness and greatness of immigrants that we are launching our #WeAreImmigrants campaign.

Every week, we’ll profile a new immigrant on our blog—an immigrant who has brought great compassion, technology and innovation to their new country. We want to do this because we know that every single country depends on the contributions of its immigrants. Without immigrants, we wouldn’t have some of the greatest accomplishments our world has ever seen.

So, please, go through this journey with us, and read about the various immigrants that have contributed big and small to all of our lives. Please feel free to share these posts and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to get notifications on our new blog posts.

Nisha Katti

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Nisha Katti is BlueTone's Marketing Coordinator. She specializes in content writing and social media management, among other activities. Nisha is a native of Atlanta, yet her heart will always lie with the magnificent magnolias of Athens, Georgia, where she attended the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.